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It Is So Powerful

I think friendliness is God's idea to help us maintain our own health and well-being while, at the same time, healing others.

There are many words that describe love. There are many synonyms. There are numerous gifts and opportunities that will bless, elevate, and improve our society. The one I want to proclaim is very familiar and very possible, but it is not as common as it could be. The one I want to emphasize is FRIENDLINESS.

Friendliness is not a sophisticated or unusual art or act. Friendliness is second nature to all in whom the Lord lives (and He lives in everybody). Friendliness is a manifestation or expression of love.

As I sat on the park bench in front of our house, a neighbor across the street got into his car, so I hollered a “good morning!” to him. I received a wave and a smile in return — and I felt better than I had been feeling before that exchange. It was like a pill or a ‘shot in the arm’. It was spirit- and heart-enhancing.

The reason ‘friendliness’ is a good word is that it is something that is possible for every human being. Everyone can identify with it. We all have friendly feelings that are ready to shine, right? Being friendly is something we do all the time, right?

Unfortunately, that is not quite true. We actually have friendly feelings that are left in the closet much more than they should be. Every one of us is urged and called to friendliness at a higher rate. Admittedly, it is more ponderous to be told to love more, but friendliness is possible and needed everywhere we go — at the drug store, in the neighborhood, at church, at the ball park and the car wash. (You’ve heard me suggest those places before, haven’t you?!)

Friendliness is a possible mannerism everyone can offer. It is also an expression that we all easily forget to display. Friendliness may be a bold greeting, a squeezed arm, a pat on the back. It may be a kiss on the cheek or a warm hug. We have a daily mission to the people around us and the love we have from the Lord must leak, spill, spray or rocket out of us everywhere we go!

I believe we are called by God to think about and activate friendliness.

We all can do more.


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