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books by james r. kok

Author and Pastor, Dr. James R. Kok, has articulated his message in the books he has written, but his book, "90% of Helping Is Just Showing Up!" particularly addresses the theme of the Care and Kindness Campaign. Throughout his book he teaches that great amounts of healing and helping are administered through the simple act of just "being there" with persons as they go through their hurt.



90% of helping is just showing up

Caring is more than 'feelings' - it involves action. Only action counts as sympathy (empathy). James Kok's wise words and moving anecdotes have helped many people discover ways to show care to others.


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For pastoral counselors and clergy people seeking to learn about effective therapeutic techniques, The Pastoral Counseling Treatment Planner is a lifesaver. And for secular therapists integrating elements of their client's spiritual beliefs system into the treatment process, this book can guide the way.

Patterned after the bestselling The Complete Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, this resource draws on a variety of Western religious belief systems, and offers step-by-step guidelines on counseling clients and parishioners through a variety of life dilemmas. This sourcebook is organized around 31 of the most common problems people seek counseling for, including life challenges, such as marital conflict, grief, and chronic illness, as well as challenges of faith. For each problem, behavioral definitions and potential counseling goals are provided, along with dozens of suggested interventions—many of which draw upon the client's faith as a source ofhealing. This unique counseling aid also features:

• More than 1,000 well-crafted treatment planning components for many of life's thorniest problems
• A sample counseling plan that can be emulated by both experienced counselors and novices
• Pages afford plenty of space to record customized counseling goals, objectives, and interventions

The Pastor Counseling Treatment Planner


Is getting close to God the most important goal for Christians? Does God want us to focus our entire attention on Him? Transform Belief Into Behavior underscores the important answer to those questions: Christianity is much more than worship or concern for God’s blessing or approval; it is about people making this world a better place. God’s agenda is to lead humanity to more beautiful, enjoyable and healthier lives. Christians must be alerted to the awareness that people’s contributions, their inventions and creations are evidence of God’s goodness and love for humanity. Their lives are partnerships with Jesus in expressing loving-kindness every day, in very way imaginable.

- Living as a Christian should mean more than simply possessing a ticket to heaven; more than simply guaranteeing a heavenly future.
- Belief is not a cognitive process alone, nor is it just holding the Lord Jesus lovingly in one's heart. It is a way of life--belief is wrapped up in behavior. Behavior is enormous.
- Jesus' words 'Go and do likewise'' was about behavior. Behavior, wrapped in love, is at the heart of Jesus' spirit.
- Sunday is about brightening the world by our daily lives throughout the week.
- Our vision for this must include strangers, the un-churched, and the 'other-churched'.


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Transform Belief Into Behavior


Hurting, Helping, Healing

Facing grief, loss, and heartache is one of the hardest things a person is called upon to do - and through the years it often must be done repeatedly. Hurting, Helping, Healing is about better understanding the breadth of issues involved in grief and about how to be helpful and supportive to someone who is suffering such heartache. Jim Kok takes an honest look at the hard realities of human suffering, always pointing us to the God who does not abandon us in our deepest distress.

The Miracle of Kindness is more than a book. It is a zealous prayer to ignite people with a passion to brighten the world. Miracles of kindness are happening all around you. If you look for them, you will see them—to your left or right, or even right in front of you. The Miracle of Kindness is a comprehensive illumination of Dr. Kok’s entire vision for the Care and Kindness movement. This handbook will continue to serve as a reference and a valuable resource as you become an “Ambassador of Kindness.”

The practical tips provided will equip you to increase your sensitivity to the cares of the people you meet every day. The book is full of care and kindness anecdotes, illustrating how small acts delivered daily can brighten the world. Such behavior is the Spirit of Christ flowing through ordinary souls. A discussion guide draws out the key concepts and stimulates thoughts on how to apply Dr. Kok’s concepts to everyday living.

“Jim Kok has made ‘Care and Kindness’ a central theme in his influential ministry, and this book makes it clear why we should all be grateful for that. In a world regularly torn apart by unkind and uncaring acts—both big and small—we need the wisdom contained in this book, with its practical guidance, inspiring examples, and profound reflections on the compassion of God.” —Dr. Richard J. Mouw President and Professor of Christian Philosophy Fuller Theological Seminary


The Miracle of Kindness Changing the world one act at a time


This book offers practical tips for twenty-somethings to grandparents, and everyone in between.

It will help you
• improve the closeness of your family
• communicate with your spouse
• learn how to share the workload
• nurture your children from birth to adolescence
• keep a happy home

Dr. Kok writes: "These chapters are like sharing the "aha's" of many years of trying to get it right. Usually, but not always, an "aha" occurs when we hit a pothole on the highway of daily travel. those unwelcome jolts have a way of getting our attention and ushering in a fresh way of seeing things.

Family At Work Building Strong Relationships At Home

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