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4 Tips for Showing Friendliness

1. Greet People Warmly"Good morning. It is good to see you."

Become an enthusiastic, habitual greeter.

Greet everybody, whether or not they make eye contact with you.

Say "Hello"

Say "Good morning."

Say "Great to see you."anything to send a pleasant message that they are noticed.

A greeting is a connection. It is a gift. A greeting says, "I notice you, you are valued, you are somebody!" A simple greeting is a blessing everybody needs. No exceptions.

2. Make Eye Contact — Look the person in the eyes, briefly, and with warmth. Combine your eye contact with a smile and your greeting. 'The eyes are the window to the soul', says the Bible. To be looked at personally is medicine for the soul.

3. Act Friendly — The emphasis here is on ACT. We do not let our feelings determine our actions. That is, it doesn't restrict it by making it 'depend on our mood' in order to act friendly. We do what is right; good; needed. No matter what we are feeling, we can send a message of friendliness. The amazing thing is that when we act friendly, we not only lift another's spirits, but we also end up feeling better ourselves. Such actions are agapé, which is the highest form of love. It is love that expects nothing in return.

4. Offer Compliments"You look good." "I like doing business with you." "You have a good attitude." "I love your smile."

Inside each and every one are many appreciative feelings, words of admiration, and gratitude. But . . . most of those thoughts too often remain unexpressed, kept inside ourselves. Instead, we must let them out! We must spray, sprinkle and spread compliments and appreciation on people.

Take two seconds after any transaction, and put into words a short sentence of thankfulness, gratitude, or admiration.

Make it simple, direct and personal.

Plan ahead to be ready to give your gift of love.

Then stand there for five seconds and say it, with a smile!


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