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90 Seconds? . . . or More??

The whole point of what I am going to tell you is summarized in the words of the title above. Let me explain what I mean.

I recently read words from a scientist (a neuroanatomist!) that explained how emotions trigger a physical response in our body. Our body is actually affected physically, very specifically, by emotions. But . . . she said that from the time the emotion triggers the chemical component that goes into the blood, within 90 seconds!, that chemical component has entirely dissipated . . . and the automatic response is over.

Isn’t that interesting? It can be over and done with in only 90 seconds??

Here’s how it typically goes: something caused me to feel angry; I couldn’t help it. That was the way I automatically reacted to what happened. I could feel it in my body. My heart was beating faster; I felt my blood pressure was probably higher; I was indeed angry.

But, what this scientist said was that those physical symptoms were over and done within 90 seconds. I confess that usually I feel angry for longer than that. So why would this be?

The answer is that, for some reason, I have chosen to hang on to those feelings. I have made the choice to continue feeling angry. I am allowing my brain to keep telling the story over and over again about the incident that had upset me.

So the important issue here is about the choice I made. And about the choice I make each time a strong emotion affects my body.

Would it be better for my health, and my peace of mind, and my mood, to be done with all of this in 90 seconds?Or am I going to choose to keep that circuit open for much longer? Am I going to continue fretting over it for who knows how long??

And I know the answer to my question. If the body is done with it in 90 seconds, I want my mind to be done with it as well. If I let it go, I am going to be more pleasant to be around; I am going to be able to better show care and kindness to others; I am going to feel better in general; I will be a healthier person.

If I let it go.


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