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A Secret Behavior

A number of years ago I put together a list of twelve secret behaviors and we printed up some pamphlets that talked about each of them. I don't know why I decided to say they were a 'secret', because there is nothing sacred about them. They are behaviors you can do, and which, if you will conscientiously do them, will make a BIG difference in the world around you. (Maybe the secret is that things so obvious on this list need to be pointed out more strongly.)

The first one on the list was to remind you to SMILE. Yes, I know you smile frequently, but do you smile intentionally? Do you smile at someone when you might not normally do it?

Do you know that they have found that if somone's frown is removed by getting botox injections, they end up feeling better? Really! When their mouth can’t frown anymore, it makes a chemical difference in their body. They also found that smiling raises your immunity level.

This is to say nothing about what it does for the persons to whom you give that smile. You will feel better and others feel better when you give them that smile. My SECRET (I'll use that word again) is that it takes a decision to smile in many circumstances. Some people are born with the inclination to smile easily; some people are genetically equipped to be easy smilers. But . . . if you aren’t a natural smiler, you can do still do it.

We must see this as an assignment in life, not just something nice to do, now and then. This is your task. That’s our job, and everybody can do it.

Smile. Mother Teresa said a smile is the beginning of peace. That’s how big a smile is.


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