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A Soft Answer DOES Turn Away Wrath

It's reassuring to doubters, such as I, to find science reinforcing Biblical ideas. Here's a new development I read about in a magazine:

A SOFT ANSWER DOES TURN AWAY WRATH, according to the results of a four-month study of unruly children who were discipline problems in school. Normal (and loud) teacher reprimands, that could be heard by the whole class, had no effect on the disruptive behavior of such children. When the teachers switched to soft reprimands that could be heard only by the child being corrected, most of those unruly children misbehaved less often.

A return to loud reproaches resulted in an increase in poor behavior, and a later return to soft corrections again resulted in better behavior.

K. Daniel O'Leary, associate professor of psychology, and a team of graduate students at the State University of New York, Stony Brook, conducted the study.

We, who take the Bible so literally, might try putting some of its very concrete suggestions into practice — starting with this one!

Ask yourself: How do I react when I'm criticized harshly? What words come to mind when I am ready to explode? Am I in control of my feelings, or are they controlling me?

Speaking softly. Speaking kindly. 

Easier said than done, don't you think? 

But I encourage you to see where you can apply this lesson and observe for yourself the result.


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