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Extremely Kind Gifts

There is one incredibly kind sentence we can say to everyone. It is a gift that can be given to everyone. There are no exceptions. The sentence is this: "Jesus loves you!"

There may be other sentences, but none are as important as this one. It should be given when there is an atmosphere of openness and receptivity and it must be spoken with a serious but pleasant tone. Too much noise, a lot of hustle and bustle, dizziness—any of these types of situations suggest that waiting to say this later, however, would be better.

Like giving any precious gift, the 'Jesus loves you' treasure must be given with thoughtful, loving kindness; it can be done either casually or more formally, but presenting loving kindness of such great value calls for thoughtful carefulness. The prayer surrounding the gift-giving is that the person to whom it is presented will quietly, deeply, and earnestly realize how precious and beloved they are. The recipients, hopefully, will be touched when this gift is given to them.

When we live with the realization and celebration of being loved by Jesus, in this life and the life to come, we are experiencing the joy and satisfaction often called 'eternal life' or 'salvation'.

Some of you may think that to say these words aloud to another person would feel awkward. You may indeed feel self-conscious about speaking them. But, nevertheless, I urge you to make a conscious note to yourself to say them to someone. Remember that loving-kindness asks us to go into the hard places. So this may indeed be a hard place for you, but, I ask you again, try it. You will be blessed, as will the person to whom you speak.


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