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Finding a Coin - Part 2

Goodness is from God. So when good times pass our way, we are being caressed and nurtured by God, whether we know it or not. Such times can lift our spirits, nourish our souls and make us more loving, and a lot more.

Remember the experiment described in the previous blog? Researchers placed a few coins in an old pay phone. Passers-by who checked — and found the coins — were affected so that they offered a positive act themselves.

Those who did not find coins ignored a nearby need for help.

Health, happiness, love, compassion, and much more, is a fringe benefit of receiving a tidbit of loving-kindness, of enjoying a delicious meal, or having any ‘mountain top’ thrill — and even simply finding a coin.

Obviously, finding a coin was spirit-lifting. Whether we can say it was heart-warming or cheering or inspiring doesn’t matter. The evidence showed that no matter what we call it, it had a positive effect on the one who found something. It seems safe to say it triggered loving-kindness in them.

The experiment proves the value of our Care and Kindness campaign. Every little touch is life-affecting goodness flowing from Jesus through us into others. And it changes the recipient! It begins a ripple effect. Loving kindness is good for people; good for humanity; good for the world.

How many ripples can you start today? Something you do can definitely bless and help another person, who, in turn, will probably 'pass it on', so you are starting a ripple!

Let's do that !


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