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What I Mean by 'Dying for Others'

Those of you who have read my books . . . who have heard me speak . . . have heard me use the term of 'dying for others'. I want to take a few moments here to help you understand just what I mean by that.

Many of you have seen the powerful movie, The Passion of Christ. What a comfort-busting experience that was!! Jesus died, literally died, for us. The movie is quite successful, I think, in helping us realize what a horrible event His arrest and crucifixion was.

So my term of 'dying for others' is for us to leave our comfort zones, and be willing to be hurt. It pales in comparison to what Jesus went through. And yet, to my way of thinking, there is an important similarity. We resist going into the hard places . . . we don't want to make ourselves uncomfortable. But by being willing to do so, we can bring healing to others. We can make a difference in someone's life that may be more than we might ever know.

But first, we have to take that uncomfortable step of doing of what we'd really rather not do. That step into something that is definitely outside our comfort zone. That is what I mean by another expression I use a lot — 'going into the hard places'.

This thing of doing what we'd rather not get involved in; of exposing ourselves to potential hurt; of taking on someone else's pain. It is 'weeping with those who weep'. And by doing that, we are willing to give up our comfort and safety, and 'dying' for that person. We give up, of ourselves, for the sake of another person.

Lest people should think that I am being trite by using this expression, I hope that you will understand that (again, though what I am suggesting to you pales in comparison) what Jesus did for us can be honored by being willing to open yourselves to being there for someone who is really hurting.


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