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EGO DETACHMENT: A Lesson We All Need

An inability to speak your opinions and ideas in public is often due to a simple problem — ego attachment. What that means is that you are feeling that what you’d like to say becomes you! Your sense of 'worthwhileness' as a person is totally connected to a mere thought, or a point of view. So . . . if it is ignored, disapproved of, or voted down, you fear you will go down with it . . . or so you think.

When your well-being as a human being is dependent on others 'applauding' or liking what you say, it’s obvious you will be very careful. You will be reluctant to speak. You will be frightened to express yourself.

Paralyzed in this way by fear, you will keep many good thoughts to yourself. Resentment, jealousy, hostility, depression may follow, all of which are a kind of sickness of spirit from excessive ego attachment. It is a mistaken notion that your value as a person is dependent on being 'right on'. The solution is detachment.

Recognizing this, you can begin to detach your ego from your statements. Realizing that your value is independent of whether people like you or even listen to what you have to say, you can begin to contribute.

Begin by overriding a lot of your feelings! Express yourself honestly, without your comments being tied to your sense of self worth.

It means breaking out into a new involvement, a gratifying fresh creativeness, in spite of fear, uneasiness, apprehension.

Jesus said “Woe to you when all people think well of you . . .” Luke 6:26

P.S. This is mostly a message to my self.


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