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The Role of Enthusiasm

I love that word enTHUSiasm. As you may know, the 'thus' in the middle comes from the Greek word Theos. Theos means 'God' in the Greek language. It is the first part of the word Theology, which means God Knowledge — God-ology.

So enTHUSiasm really means to have God energy, or God inside; it means that you are a God-driven, God-centered person. Add enthusiasm to “You are the light of the world” and we have a mighty important presence.

I was told a few days ago about a women’s Bible Study to which a stranger showed up and took a seat. The meeting continued on dealing with its agenda, and then it adjourned. Christians who understand their role as 'lights in the world' would have seen to it that the stranger had thirty people around her — welcoming her.

Instead . . . there was one.

Okay, that was good . . . BUT, there should have been thirty concerned women, tripping over each other to get to her side. .

Instead of only the one.

My dear friends, YOU must take ownership of this challenge to make the world a better place, to care about strangers, to reach out into uncomfortable places where you’d rather not be. You are a light.

Do not hide your light under a basket. Let it shine. Reach out to people. Notice people. Notice the needs of people, even if they don't speak out about them. If each of you is the 'one' in the incident above, then there will be thirty as well.


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