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Friendliness Is Not A Feeling

When you meet someone, or merely pass a person on the sidewalk, a friendly greeting is called for — most of the time. You do not have to know him, or her, to justify a word of connection. You just need to do it — clearly, warmly, and most of the time, briefly or quickly.

Delivering such gems (that is what a greeting is), is like being a Medicine Man. A kind word lifts the spirits of the recipient, Lifted spirits wash out the germs of pessimism, discouragement, depression, fear, sadness, and more. These troublesome sentiments weaken health and retard optimism and joy — which are nutrients for your own health.

Friendliness is easy! Squeezing someone's elbow, a pat on the back, a greeting, a handshake can do the job.

It is so easy; no one can excuse themselves from this activity. It is more important to be person-oriented than to be preoccupied with the task of grocery shopping, driving the car or taking care of your hunger pangs, or even looking for a parking place. Turning our spirit toward people is what Jesus was talking about when He said we should "love one another".

Friendliness is love. It is a reasonable and possible form of love. The word "love" is an enormously important theme, but it helps to show some of the forms love can take — like friendliness. "Friendliness" is love!

A greeting, a smile, a touch, a phone call, even a honk of your car horn are forms of friendliness. They warm heats, trigger smiles, heal a headache, and enhance another's health.

Jesus calls us to "love one another". Let's start today with a quadruple dose of friendliness.


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