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Life Is God's Gift

Disbelief, shock, then anger are the initial responses to a personal announcement of imminent death. It is rarely an acceptable diagnosis. I want to live! Here! Physically!

Some time ago, my wife and I traveled over the rocky road of her breast cancer, which carried a major surgical part, then chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery. Never did she, nor I, regard this as a death warrant. We responded with aggressive tactics aimed to deny death any chance of winning.

In the Old Testament book of Kings, we see that Hezekiah, too, fought as best he knew how to live. He, too, had a powerful love of life, and wanted badly to go on living.

Life is God's gift.

It is not an insignificant holding time. There will come a time when, with a sigh, approaching death may be acceptable — maybe even a relief, welcomed and even longed for. Until then, however, death is an enemy to be opposed, stalled, and blocked every way we can.

Therefore, I urge you, enjoy each new day as another gift from God! Thank him for it and make good use of it. Fill it with wonderful things — we are not people who believe in 'killing time'. Time is an nonrenewable resource: the moments that we waste cannot be recovered.


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