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How Can I Show Up?

You've heard me frequently repeat one of my fundamental beliefs: that 90% of Helping Is Just Showing Up. Let's explore that concept more today. What does 'showing up' mean?

People express to me that it is helpful to them when I give suggestions on how to apply my ideas in a very practical way. So here are some thoughts for you to consider:

  • Showing up for your child's sports event is pretty normal, right? All parents do it, right? Well, what if you went to a soccer game of one of your friends' children or grandchildren? That's not expected, but it IS showing up. How do suppose your friend will feel if you do that with them?

  • What if a young person from your church, or from one of your neighbor's families, is giving a recital, and you go to it? That's showing up. That is showing love that goes beyond your own family.

  • The elementary school in your neighborhood is putting on a talent show. You don't have any kids in school any longer, but you could go and attend anyway. That's showing up. Be part of an audience that is more than just the parents of the kids.

  • Do any of your friends have a family member who is graduating? Go to the ceremony. That's showing up.

  • What young people do you know that are not part of your family, or even not connected to your close friends? What activities are they involved in where you could just show up? Tee-ball, Little League, soccer games, band concerts, pick-up basketball games in the park, volley ball games, etc. . . . cheer for them! Encourage them.

  • I know of a married couple who had a heart for people who were the victims of serious accidents. They would go to the hospital to offer encouragement to these people whom they had never met before. That is showing up.

Are you ready for a hard one?

  • You encounter people asking for a handout in front of a store where you shop. What if, instead of just walking past them, you stopped and engaged them in a bit of conversation?

  • What if you took a few minutes to let them know that you recognize they are real people, just like you, even though their circumstances are different?

Could you do that???

That is showing up.

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1 Comment

Aug 24, 2023

A commentary on Matthew about the feeding of the 4000 suggested that Jesus was concerned not only to teach truth to people but also their physical needs—feeding them. He ran a school and a kitchen. I’m single and 92 so running a kitchen is a challenge, but I can take people out for dinner with clear understanding I expect no reciprocation, please let me run a kitchen.

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