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How Tall Are You?

Here is an interesting experiment you can try. I have done this before groups of people, and the results are quite interesting.

Stand, and reach your hands above your head. Make sure you are reaching as high as you can. Perhaps, with that reminder, you will make an adjustment, so make note of how well you are doing at reaching as high as you can.

Now . . . and here is where it gets interesting! See if you can reach any higher. Can you get your hands just a little bit further above you head? Can you stretch a little more?

When I've watched groups take on this challenge, nearly everyone is able to reach further than their first try. And that is my point . . . you can do MORE! No matter what you are doing, you can do more. You have it in you to do better.

It's like an athlete - a pole vaulter. When he has vaulted over the bar successfully, what does he do next? He raises the bar! He believes that he can do even more. Well . . . at least, he is going to give it a try.

Now, I must insert a strong word of caution about taking my advice to an extreme. Don't be obsessive about doing too much; don't put yourself on a guilt trip about not doing enough. One of my friends has expressed to me his appreciation for having said to do things 'now and then'. Don't be compulsive.

In our Care and Kindness Campaign, we are urging you to now and then do a little better. Do a little bit more. Reach a little bit higher. Raise the bar for yourself.

So, to bring this back to the title I chose above - how tall are you? How high can you reach? Do you believe you are able to be more intentionally helpful to others? To do acts of kindness more often?

God bless you. Your deeds are needed by those around you.


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