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I'm Still Reminding You

I reminded you in our last commentary that inviting people to share their joys was a task you should give attention to. Most people are better listeners when someone is telling of their difficulties— but most of those same people don’t listen very attentively when someone wants to share their happiness about something.

To say it differently: Christians do well in dealing with the hurts and heartaches of those around them. Tell about your tragedy, and there will be people who will stand still and listen respectfully. But tell of your joys or triumphs, and people change the subject quickly — their eyes glaze over with disinterest. You soon get their message: "I'm really not interested in the good things you've had happen to you."

The next great frontier is learning to be genuinely interested in each other's good news.

Years ago, after Linda and I returned from a fortuitous, wonderful trip to London, Nigeria and the Holy Land, our friends asked us to tell them about it! Then they listened! And asked great questions! All we could hope for! It was very gratifying. I think back on how rare that experience was.

I expect I’ll have more to say on this topic — it is SO important. And for now, I’ll repeat myself by urging you to work on this!


And again tomorrow.


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