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Kindness at the Front Door

We can grow!

Here is an example: the doorbell rang, and before I could move an inch, a knock at the door was added. That irritated me, but it happens from time to time. I thought I would say something sarcastic about it to whomever was there when I opened the door.

Upon opening the door I met two middle-aged women standing, well-dressed, with relatively expressionless faces. They were rather tall women, who immediately addressed me pleasantly. Instantaneously, I knew they were Watch Tower representatives—Jehovah Witness people.

Ordinarily, I would debate, debunk, or dismiss them. Usually, like you may have done, I would quickly inform them that I had a church of my own and had no interest, or time, for their presentation. If not hostile, I would nevertheless be very cold.

This time I was different. “Two beautiful women,” was my greeting and they both smiled nicely.

Then they handed me an invitation to an event at the Kingdom Hall not far away. We chit-chatted about the date and place. Then I said with warmth and a smile, “Thank you for stopping here.”

They replied, “We hope you will come.”

“Thank you,” I answered, “you’re beautiful.”

Smiling, they turned and departed. And I felt fantastic. I felt better for having shown kindness rather than the coldness I had expected to demonstrate.

That's the secret: Showing kindness makes THEM feel better and it makes YOU feel better.

Try it with someone . . . today!


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