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Laughter Is Still Good Medicine (Part 3)

I have been sharing with you, in the previous two blogs, my thoughts on the fact that cheerfulness, hope, laughter, and spirit-lifting encouragement not only feed the soul, but they feed the body as well.

One experiment in the orthopedic department of a major hospital found that patients visited by the Chaplain before an operation were affected positively, post-surgically, Those visited had received information about what to expect and were ministered to with prayer and pastoral care. This group recovered from the surgery more quickly, used less pain-killer medication, and went home sooner. When we lift spirits, we affect the whole body.

Discouragement, fear, worry, guilt, anxiety, grief, pressure in excess, are each as dangerous as too much fat, cholesterol, or inactivity.

Spirit-lifting is an essential antidote for the poisons so easily infecting our souls. Good humor, laughter, cheering words, beauty, encouragement; the listening ear, acceptance, touch, soul-soothing music, flowers, family outings and games, quiet times, love, vacations, hobbies — these, and many more, must season our lives.

Appropriately sprinkled into our days, these are our most potent ‘antibiotics’, killing the germs of gloom, bitterness, fear, stress and the other enemies within and around that tear down our vitality.

Above and beyond all these wonderful healers is the therapeutic value of hope. Our Christian faith, as it tells us who we are and how life really is, is the basis for ultimate cheer, deep laughter, inspiration without equal, and whole-person health. Equipped for living by God's truth and Christ's presence, we are free to enjoy all God's eye-opening, heart-warming, and metabolism enhancing gifts.


LAUGH LINES Homographs are words that are spelled similarly, but have different meanings. 18) Upon seeing the *tear* in the painting, I shed a *tear*.


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