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Listening Is Kindness

Listening is kindness. It provides healing. Showing love by taking time to listen is a wonderful thing. There is a Bible story that tells us of just such a thing.

In the book of Mark, the story is well-known of the woman who had been bleeding for many years — she reached through the crowd to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. He felt power go out from him and he asked, “Who touched me?”

Can you imagine the scene? People are pressed all around Jesus in the crowd that was following him, but he was aware of the special need of one person. Many people were undoubtedly bumping against him, and thus the consternation of his disciples at his question, 'Who touched me?' Why would he ask such a question, when he was constantly being touched?

And yet there was something special about the touch of one person. He was aware of it. Everyone else was clueless!

When she touched the hem of his garment, she immediately felt a change in her body. His question probably frightened her somewhat, so she hung back. But when he asked again, she came forward, and told her story.

This is an amazing part! She was already healed — Jesus’ power had touched her and ended her suffering. He had already performed the miracle. That could have been the end of it. But — he listened to her story. He gave of his time to listen to her. He was already on his way to the house of Jairus, whose daughter had died. He was busy. He was on a mission. He was surrounded by the pressings of the crowd. And yet — he listened to her story.

That was another healing! Giving his time to her restored her dignity. This is the lesson for us! Giving people our time and our attention is healing medicine for them. We cannot do physical healings like Jesus, but we can give people our time. We can listen to them.

Listening is kindness. Interrupting our own busy schedule to give time to another person is a kindness. Some may think that all this talk of kindness sounds, well . . . it sounds a bit wimpy. But . . . it is powerful! It is healing! It is needed!

Take some time for someone today. Be present for them. You will both be blessed.


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