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Love Is Not A Feeling

The directions we have from the Bible is that we are to "love one another". Though there is no definition of what that means or who that includes, it literally means everybody.

Flawed human beings cannot be that good. But we must try. We must go as far as we can.

Step number one may be that we recognize that feeling love toward another person is not a required attitude. Love is required but not necessarily a feeling of love.

Yesterday, for example, an envelope for one of our neighbors was included in our own mail delivery, so I took it to them. That was kindness — kindness is 'love-action'. I do not have any particular fondness nor affection for those neighbors, so my delivery was of the species of love.

It is almost accurate to call love "doing good". Such behavior is not necessarily connected to feelings of affection, or benevolence. It is behavior, action, participation, that is beneficial to someone..

Tiredness, weariness, fear, sorrow and other unwanted conditions may burden us. But even when so overwhelmed with unwanted conditions we can and must render acts of helpfulness and loving kindness. We must not wait until we feel like it. Loving-kindness is always needed and always possible.

So . . . if love is not a feeling, what is it?



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