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More Acts of Kindness

#1. I had just led the funeral of a dear woman. We were invited by her husband, Dave Cook, to come to their house after the general refreshment hour to unwind and talk. Linda and I arrived early, so I took some shrimp and a glass of wine and sat down at a large round table off to the side.

After sitting there alone a few minutes, maybe five minutes, a young girl suddenly plopped down in an empty chair on the other side of the table. She sat facing me, so after a couple of seconds I said, “What are you doing here, all by yourself?” Her reply really surprised me. She said, “I saw you sitting here all by yourself and I thought you might like some company”

I was stunned. She was a very young girl in her early teens. A few minutes later, she told me she was 14. For the next little while I did little more than praise her and express admiration for what she had done. Then we got acquainted and spent some pleasant time chatting. But before we parted, I made sure she, and others now gathered nearby, knew what an outstanding and unusual act of loving-kindness that young lady had given.

#2. At a recent 50-Plus dinner/entertainment event, something happened I want to tell you about. During the dinner I had strolled around the tables greeting and chatting with the diners, joking and kidding most of the time.

A few weeks after that dinner I met a handsome older man (it turned out that he is 82 years old) who told me he had been present that day. He then told me something that thrilled me to the depths of my soul, and stunned me with its importance. He said that I had walked past him when he was sitting at a table and that I had laid my hand ever so briefly on his shoulder, as I went by.

Then he added, “That touch absolutely blessed me!” And he said a little more about what a strong moment that had been.

A touch as I walked by! So small! So appreciated! A touch?! And he was moved, his spirits were lifted, his mood was changed.

Again I am jolted into awareness of the importance of our Care and Kindness Campaign. This is life-changing business. This is spreading spiritual medicine everywhere we go. And anyone and everyone is able to take part. It takes so little to heal a soul.


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