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Let's Start A New Wave

Well, we are a little ways past the traditional time for making New Years Resolutions. But . . . it's never too late to make plans for a new project, or a new discipline, or new way of looking at things. So . . . let's mark today as a good time to start a New Wave!!

The first step: Empty your mind of all the positive thoughts stored there that are doing no one any good.

Is that a surprising suggestion? Did I say that correctly?

Yes. Empty those positive thoughts from your mind. Well, on second thought, perhaps I don't really mean to completely remove those kinds of thoughts from your mind, but — Release them! Holding them silently in your mind is a way of withholding countless blessings and gifts from people. Instead, release them from the 'unspoken' regions of your mind and express them aloud!

A daily inventory of anybody's thought bank turns up stacks and stacks of kind words that have been left unspoken; warm feelings that have been held back and not expressed; and grateful impulses that no one knew you had.

People need these goods. Soul food must be passed around, not warehoused in our hearts as so many warm feelings.

A new wave could sweep our world if millions of encouragement doors swung open. A tide of blessing like this would wash away a lot of hurt and it would begin to spread like wildflowers.

So! What do you think? Maybe what you do won't sweep the world, but it WILL be a wonderful blessing to each person that you touch. So, let's each of us, one by one, resolve today to start doing better at this. Each day. Again and again..


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