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More Thoughts on Retirement

Is it a good thing?

In my previous comments on this topic, I mostly addressed those who are now of an age to consider themselves 'retired'. But, I have questions for my readers who are looking forward to retiring.

When you reach that point, will you just quit on a lot of important things? Is retirement age an ending . . . or a beginning? The Elder cited in my earlier remarks had an attitude of 'been there . . . done that'. And I challenge him by asking, "Really? Do you not have anything to offer the world any longer?"

And, to you younger folks, I ask, "What are your plans? Are you going to drop out? Or are you going to realize that when you get to the point where you don't have to clock in at a job everyday, you will then have time do things that you can't fit in right now?"

Retirement is a time of freeing up your schedule to now be able to get to some important things that you can offer to the world (well, at least you family, friends and community.) You have skills, wisdom, and abilities that you will now have more time to express and share.

Recently, I visited a 97-year-old woman in the Artesia Christian Home. In parting, she said to me, “You are really a nice man.” I was stunned by her affirmation, because, though she did not remember my name, she nevertheless had blessed me. She made me a healthier and happier person — on the spot. Thank God she never considered retiring from loving-kindness. At 97, she was definitely retired, and her physical abilities were greatly diminished, and yet she was offering what she could.

Will the same be said of you? Are you looking forward to the time when you will be able to invest more of your time in things that have value beyond putting food on the table and gas in the car?


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