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Smile Anyway

Smiling is important, I say.

Does the Bible back me up on that? Actually, there are no words that give us a clue whether the Apostles or Jesus himself ever smiled. I believe that they certainly did, but there is no positive anecdote telling us that smiling happened. Most translations of the New Testament do not include the word ‘smile’. But my conclusion is that we should ‘smile anyway.’

Smiling is not the same for everybody. The muscles of our faces are not all alike. For some, a smile is natural and automatic. For others, it takes a little effort, and even a decision, to pull the muscles of their face into an upward direction that puts a grin or a smile on their face.

We actually know that smiling is a health-invoking action. A smile is a positive activity that nourishes our physical and intellectual system. Putting a smile on our face is like taking a positive food or drink into our body.

Consider this analogy:

It is customary for a mom or dad to hand a youngster a glass of milk and then urge them to drink it. Parents know that milk is good for the body, making us healthier and stronger. Expecting one’s child to drink milk is a non-debatable parental action. No one disagrees with that.

So I suggest that teaching a child to smile is a similar good parental action. They can do their child a world of good by training him/her to smile — regularly — easily — naturally.

If you agree with my thinking, consider doing the same for yourself. Do you smile enough? Do you smile easily? Do you need to undertake some self-training?

We don’t have to have the phenomenon explained or analyzed. But extensive research has observed and recorded the fact that smiling has measurable positive results!

This nearly automatic activity, when evident on our face, nourishes our spirit, enhances our mental well-being, and generates healing ingredients in our physical system. Smiling improves our lives!

Whether you feel like it or not, SMILE A LOT.


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