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Ready To Try Something New?

There are wonderful delights in being secure. There is comfort in sticking with the familiar. But . . . there are also special joys in taking risks. All of life is a drama of balancing ourselves between security and risk. And, admittedly, there are dangers and hazards in both.

Traditionally, the enticements of risk win more with the younger generation. They are much more willing to experiment. As a result, there are more crashes among the young as they take risks. The joys of security are more attractive to us older folks as we age, and so there is more stagnation among the old . . . as we try to be safe and secure.

Risk taking, and indifference to security, can produce an exciting roller-coaster ride, but such adventures often end back where they started, with nothing gained . . . though it was an exciting ride! 

But not always is there a lack of gain. The old axiom is true: “nothing ventured nothing gained”. Most growth is the result of breaking out and trying something at least slightly unpredictable and uncertain.

Too much concern with security can add up to tidy bank accounts and neat surroundings, but they may leave the participants feeling shallow and even somewhat bored. Life and growth seem to depend on trying some new or unproven ventures.

The challenge of aging is to keep on growing. That means continuing to be enticed by the attractions of risk-taking that guarantees continued growth. At the same time our health and well-being can be protected by a relatively wholesome amount of security.

When we stop growing, we die. We are expected as God’s people to see life as a continual growth process, right up to the time we transition to Jesus’ arms in heaven. Life is not meant to be a challenge only up until retirement, and then a switch to a time of coasting, with it being simply a downhill slide to the grave. Rather than slowly disconnecting and detaching from our surroundings, we must continue to be transformed by the renewal of our minds. 

We must never wholly give in to the comforts of the rocking chair and the T.V., but forever keep alive an openness to new adventures and opportunities for enjoying and brightening our world.

So, give it some thought. If you're alive and reading this, you've still got time to add something new to your life. Something that will give you a new sense of purpose which can bless others. It's never too late to do something good for other people!!


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