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Special Acts of Care and Kindness

Our Care and Kindness Campaign is to urge people to make INTENTIONAL acts of kindness part of their life-style. Everyone is familiar with the words 'random act of kindness', but we believe that it needs to be more than 'random'. It should be 'intentional'. That makes it even more valuable and precious.

Kindness can be towards others . . . it can be towards yourself. Here are a couple of people who are making the effort to be 'intentional'.

#1. Dean Wilson says he tries to plant kindness in his mind each day on his long arduous drive to his work from Huntington Beach to West Hollywood. He endeavors to think and act caring all the way. When he succeeds, he finds the trip flows more smoothly.

When he forgets, and slips into anger and aggressive driving, trying to out-maneuver others, he arrives upset, irritated and agitated.

Intending to act kindly and caring soothes his soul and is considerate of others as well.

. . .

# 2. Donna Slade received an unexpected blessing on a frantically busy toll road. When she stopped at the toll booth, the man smiled and said, "Have a blessed day."

She said it absolutely lifted her spirits—so much that she was delivering care and kindness the rest of the day! She had to visit a doctor's office that day which was especially mixed up while she was there and it totally frustrated her.

But she said she managed to say, “I know there is irritation in my voice right now, but I really appreciate your efforts to work this out.” The clerk was flabbergasted, who then smiled and clearly felt renewed in energy as she went back to work on solving the confusion. "Plus," said Donna, “I felt so good the rest of the day.”


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