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Stupid Phrases for People in Crisis (Part 2)

5. God is good – all the time. Another one that is technically theologically correct. But is it helpful to say this when someone has just lost a child and is screaming at Heaven? Is it helpful to say this to the person who just had their fifth miscarriage? Is it helpful to say this to the woman going through a divorce, because her marriage could not hold up under the stress of a special needs child?

We may say it, and they can nod their heads in agreement. But for us to say this from a place that is calm and safe will probably not be helpful.

6. But for the grace of God go I.

“But why you? Why do you get that grace and not me? Why am I the one in the crisis? Was God’s grace withheld from me?”

Those are valid responses to that phrase. I understand the phrase, and I’ve used it myself, but it doesn’t help the person who is in deep pain.

7. Don’t worry. God’s in Charge.

Yeah? Well, he’s not doing a very good job then is he?

God IS in control, but it brings up some serious theological implications about God’s role in the crisis. Instead of a theology of suffering, we might want to think about a fellowship of suffering.

8. Maybe God needed to get your attention. Thank God no one ever said this to me during times of crisis – because I might have to punch them in the face with a knife.


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