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Thanking and Praising the Dental Hygienist

What do you think about lying there while the dental hygienist is carefully cleaning your teeth? You can't chat with her, or even watch the TV on the wall. All you can do is think. So that is how I spent my hour.

Of course, I was amazed that anyone would like to do what she was doing—working inside someone's moist and personal mouth. And so carefully, and thoroughly! ! !

So I rehearsed my affirmation of her. I carefully planned exactly what I would say to her to express my appreciation — once I had my mouth back to be able to talk. Finally the right moment came. I was sitting up. My mouth had been rinsed and there was nothing more to keep her busy. It was time for me to leave.

"I am really thankful there are people like you who enjoy doing this kind of work." Then I added, "Thank you very much for doing this." She was beaming as I concluded. I felt I really touched her heart. And I meant every word of it.

That only took a moment; and it meant so much to her. You might think, 'well, she was just doing her job'. But how does she know that anyone appreciates her good work? How does she know that anyone cares?

By the same token, we deal with people every day, everywhere we go, that are 'just doing their job'. It is a valuable act of kindness to let them know that they are noticed, appreciated, and respected for their work.

Look for opportunities to do this for people who are overlooked. You'll find it to be rewarding to yourself, as well.


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