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The Science of Smiling

Did you know faking a smile with another person is almost impossible? Even if someone forces a fake smile, it becomes real, because the person they smile at usually mirrors back a real smile. This creates a smile loop. Your fake smile becomes real because you see the other person smiling.

It’s like yawning. If you see someone yawn, there’s a good chance you will yawn. There’s a decent chance you are yawning right now just reading this. Smiling works the same way. When you see someone smile, it’s nearly impossible to not smile back. …. Smiles are contagious. … Even if you fake a smile often, you tweak your brain chemistry in the direction of happiness. You’re giving yourself a joy advantage.

You are a joyful person. Believe it and release it. You are full of energy and life. Let it come out. Let go of your pride. Let go of proving yourself to others. God takes pleasure in you and wants you to take pleasure in the gift of life.


Jim Kok has written frequently about how meaningful a smile can be. Bobby Schuller, (Hour of Power), has written about the same thing in the final chapter of his latest book, You Are Beloved. The paragraphs above are an excerpt from his writing.

We’ll share more of Bobby Schuller’s words in the next blog.


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