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Unlocking a Satisfying Life

Here is the formula for effective, satisfying, and meaningful living. It is to behave in a way that is not naturally comfortable. It is in large part to contradict your inner selfishness and self-centeredness; it is to forget yourself, deny yourself and take up an agenda that is focused on other people.

It can mean merely doing something helpful (even though you aren't 100% comfortable with the idea, but you choose to do it). You intentionally do it . . . because you see or imagine a need and you want to share with someone a dose of loving-kindness. It might be something as simple (yet perhaps hard) as going into a hospital room to give an encouraging word.

This is what we are here for . . to brighten this world. Every one of us has been given an incredibly important assignment to offer hope, and cheer, and encouragement, and love.

If you feel you need to work a bit more on being this way, it can start very small. It doesn't have to be a major life-shaking shift. It should start simply and naturally. Think of ways that you can bless others through small acts of kindness. But intentional kindness.

NOT doing so runs the risk of your living safely and efficiently and comfortably, but without that spark of meaning and purpose and warmth in your soul. It runs the risk of you becoming a dehydrated, empty soul. That is what Jesus meant when he warned about “saving your life and losing it."

To find the satisfying life is to have meaning and purpose. It is to know you are valued and loved and needed and connected. You can therefore communicate to others that they are also valued, and loved, and needed. There is the key to vitality and zest and true life. Guaranteed !!!!

Finding your life is moving out of self-centeredness, taking some risks and, in small but real ways, brightening the lives of others.


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