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Thank Someone Today

"Thanksgiving" cards are great. What an appropriate time to sit down and think of a number of people who have given us something, or contributed to our lives in some major or minor way, and then make a point of a straightforward, unashamed statement of appreciation.

But . . . do we really need to wait until November to do this? Consider the suggestion that you do this every week during the year? Or once a month? Or now and then?

But you don't have to wait until November!

The most meaningful "thank you" would be those sent to friends and relatives who are so close they'd never expect such a card from us.

Parents can say "thank you" to their children for "all they have done for us.

"We can draw up lists of old experiences from our years when we were young and at home that have stayed treasured in our memories - and thank dad or mom for them. Most likely there would be a lot of memories and events they'd never suspect meant a lot to us, even decades later.

We can think of our spouse, husband or wife, and all those things we appreciate but are so accustomed to that we mostly just expect from them. Write down specific items and say "thank you.

"Perhaps there is a neighbor whom you have always appreciated. Not a fantastic person in the spectacular-sense—just a neighbor who has been what a neighbor "ought to be": friendly, reliable, cooperative. He might not listen to you when you tell him straight out how much you're thankful for him. So send him a "thank you" card.

Or maybe there's a colleague or a co-worker to whom you should say "thank you".

And how many different ways can you come up with to express these 'thank you's'?

a postcarda

written letter

a phone call

a note on a pillow

a note in a lunch sack,

or on a plate at the table

a note on a co-workers desk

Or new technology ways:


text message?


Or an old-fashioned way:

face to face

Stop a few minutes. Trace your steps through an average day, week, year, or your life. Isn't it surprising how many people stand out as ones who have made life good, just by being part of our lives?

Thank some of them.

And also express gratitude to God for these people in your life.


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